31 August 2011


Rep. Conyers Wants To Clairfy Termination Rights Under Copyright Law
I’m often for the clarification of laws, especially when it comes to copyright law (and for the record, I support CopyFree licenses over any other). Too often we hear of companies and creators either clashing together for the benefit of one or the other, or both companies and creators going after the end user for gross copyright infringement (what is typically mislabeled as piracy). When politicians get involved, there is no telling what is going to happen.

FCC Asked For Declaratory Ruling That BART Shutting Off Mobile Phone Service Was Illegal
There is no question in my mind that BART shutting off mobile phone service was illegal (not to mention immoral and not safe). The only problem I have with a declaratory ruling is that, if the FCC does not rule as asked for, it will have a chilling effect on Constitutional rights to protest and peaceably assemble (I have no doubt that the protests in question stopped being peaceable, but that is neither here or there). It’ll be interesting to see where this leads.

If ACTA Is Approved In The US, It May Open The Door For The President To Regularly Ignore Congress On International Agreements
This does not bode well at all when the people we elect to uphold our laws seek ways around them and through them.

Would We Have Art Without Copyright Law?
Just a cartoon to make you think.

Verizon Removes FTP Access For Security… Well, Security Of Its Revenue At Least
Yet another reason not to use Verizon for any service, I mean seriously.

DOJ: This Case Has Nothing To Do With Puerto 80; Now Here Is Why Puerto 80 Is Guilty
Really DOJ? I mean, can you not make a cohesive, sensible argument anymore (and is the judge really buying your snake oil)?

Pure Awesomeness: Two Chat Bots Talking To Each Other
I’ve talked with CleverBot before and never would have in a million years thought it would be so…human like (I mean seriously, have you been in a chat room lately?)

Yet Again, Evidence Of The Need For Fashion Copyright Is Totally And Completely Missing
If the lack of a fashion copyright is keeping designer prices high, sales steady, and innovation high, why are some in the fashion industry (and some idiot law professors) pushing for something that will only stifle competition and force prices down?

Wasn’t The Real Security Problem The Initial Leak Of State Dept. Cables Rather Than The Latest Leak Of Those Same Cables?
What’s the problem here, again?

TiVo Apparently Considering Patent Trolling As A Second Act
I didn’t even know TiVO was still around? Go, patent troll, go!

TiVo Bought Some Bull In Marshall, Texas (Literally)
Oh. My. Goodness. I’m sorry, Marshall, TX, but you are officially the dumbest place on the planet.

They missed a fake certificate from a breach two years ago? Really? I’m glad I really don’t rely on that junk to begin with.

Pakistan Officially Bans All Encryption Online
Well, it is Pakistan after all. I’m actually surprised this hasn’t happened sooner (not that I support it, mind you).


From Planned Parenthood to picket lines: Why women covert to ‘pro-life’
The ending paragraph really disturbs me. How can Catholics, who claim to be the only real Christians (at least that is the official view of the church), be in support of abortion?

RH Reality Check

Conservative Columnist Supports Family Planning as “Pro-Life”
I tried reading the entire article, but the author’s mis-characterization of the pro-life movement, its leaders and most ardent activists was appalling. If you finish reading it, let me know.

Christian Post

Pro-Life Group Settles Free Speech Case With Calif. College
This is a great victory for 1st Amendment rights, which are constantly under attack by government organizations who think they would benefit from being able to limit speech. Private companies and individuals are not subject to 1st Amendment restrictions, though. Once you step inside a corporate office, you have no rights except those given to you by that company.

Life News
Perry Promises to Name Pro-Life Advocate as Vice President
He’s making lots of promises, will he keep them or is he just another lying politician who rides the fence?

Christian Today

Blaming Washington for Acts of God
Is God sending us a message – has He has done in the past – through these disasters?


Fearing Growth of Christianity, Iran Burns Bibles
Really? This has worked when?

The End

That’s it for today’s news round up. Join me again, sometime in the future, for another round up of the day’s news!

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